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Custom seating solution
Korzo Theatre Den Haag, the Netherlands

Custom seating solution
Korzo Theatre Den Haag, the Netherlands

Korzo is known as an adventurous podium in the old city center of The Hague, but also as one of the biggest production houses for the dance of the Netherlands. After a major renovation of the building on Prince Street Korzo is back home!

If you happen to visit the Theatre you will be able to see our custom products all around the place.

  • Tribune (the whole structure)
  • Auditorium
  • Tables & benches
  • Club sofa
  • Wood bench with seating pads
  • Custom primary upholstered & coated

Project Details

Client: Korzo Theatre, Den Haag
Date: 2011
Architect: 3TO Architects
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Custom Seating Solutions

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