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Nora - a modular sofa concept

Nora is the modular sofa concept designed by Lionel Doyen and engineered by SDC.


The basic idea for this sofa concept is modularity within some basic guidelines. A series of base frames that allows you to create the setting needed for the specific purpose. Seat, Backrest and armrest are modular in size and result in some surprising settings.

As our philosophy is create your own furniture you can choose as well as setting and the fabrics for all cushions. We use fabrics from all major suppliers such as Gabriel, Kvadrat, Silvertex, Vescom, Sunbrella, and many more



As an ultimate communication tool, an Airbench setting creates a landscape of human interaction. Available in variable shapes — crosses, rectangles or meanders — airbenches are multifunctional and modular, offering endless combination possibilities. Airbenches Small and Large move tortuously in public spaces. You can choose the best combination for your needs and personalize and experiment with the innumerous possibilities the airbench can give you.

On the Airbench Single and Double, people receive glimpes of each other and they can start communicating out of curiousity. People will get interwoven by interaction. Due to the philosophy behind them, Airbenches are the ideal communication tools in public areas; musea, exhibitions, libraries, lounges, airports, waiting areas, among a myriad of possibilities.


Simple, plain, bold: three words that describe the body language of CLUB, a design that seems to say: ‘if the basics are right, who needs ornament?’
Versions with an inclined inside back are available upon request.

Custom colours or sizes available upon request.


Sit, work, meet, eat, talk, play.
DOK creates instant functionality where needed, in endless combinations.
Designed by FIVE AM, this seating and work space makes any environment productive, valuable and inspiring.

Custom colours or sizes available upon request


A collection of seating elements that can be combined into… wait for it… INFINITY. These pieces are perfect for large public spaces – lounges, lobbies, waiting rooms – or for any spot that will benefit from being divided and subdivided ad infinitum. Those who live in less spacious quarters can stack INFINITY modules to make partition walls. The possibilities are infinite.

Custom colours or sizes available upon request.


Kazuko Okamoto creates designs combining fun and function. Fun? A perfect cut out Dai Ottoman right out the Dai Sofa. Function? Extending the sofa with a table piece attached to the sofa. Put your laptop on your sofa! Put up your feet on the Ottoman! Recreation all in one piece of foam.

Drawings refer to the left version, the right version comes at the same price.

Versions with an inclined inside back are available upon request. Custom colours or sizes available upon request


Based on the French name of small pieces of biscuit, this collection was entirely made on demand of our clients. Serving small seating pads that can be stacked.

Custom colours or sizes available upon request

RPBW - Athens Collection

The staff of SDC worked together with the staff of Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Paris to develop tailor made furniture.


The result is a number of timeless pieces for special areas in libraries or museums. The first pieces have been produced for the project of the National Library in Athens (Greece).



The ANTON is very flexible for use in public spaces, but works equally well for home and garden settings. By pointing the base inwards, the design feels very light, almost floating, but the units are very strong and comfortable. ANTON is also available upholstered in leather and fabric.

The ANTON collection, designed by Anton Hendrik Denys, and produced for the  Quinze & Milan label in an almost natural compatibility. The Corner, Linear and Level square-based unit play perfectly together, or can proudly stand individually, depending on the desired configuration.

Kazuko Okamoto

Kazuko Okamoto is a Japanese designer based in Milan. She created DAI and SKEW collection for Quinze & Milan.  Now she produced some new modulars pieces.

Gap, Leaf Bench and Scone are 3 new models she designed for SDC_lab