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Jellyfish Ecopixel

ECOPIXEL is a new method for recycling plastics. It is composed of 100% Low-Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) that melts at 120°C and therefore can be re-melted over and over again without losing its properties.

As it melts in different shapes and colors it appears in different faces, even though available in unlimited combinations ECOPIXEL is easily recognizable thanks to its pixelized appearance, even when customized. Each product that is made of ECOPIXEL is unique because the pixels melt together randomly in the production process.

ECOPIXEL is also available in a highly innovating “open skin” version that leaves spaces in-between the material creating a lightweight structure. ECOPIXEL is proposed to designers and architects as an affordable, original and sustainable material for their projects.

ECOPIXEL was developed by Claudio Milioto and Jan Puylaert and is a 100% made in Italy production.