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Disney Headquarters

Disney Headquarters

For the Disney HQ in Burbank, California, Quinze & Milan produced a versatile wall/seating construction, and some pleasant seating for the lobby.

The wall, in one form, shields the meeting room and creates a private atmosphere.
Windows? Easy, just remove a block.

When called upon, the wall breaks down into seating for plenty, converting the meeting room into an open space.

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Pictures courtecy of Clive Wilkinson Architects.

Project Details

Client Disney Headquarters
Date September 2013
Architect: Clive Wilkinson Architects

Airbench by Quinze & Milan

Airbench collection

As an ultimate communication tool, an Airbench setting creates a landscape of human interaction. Available in variable shapes — crosses, rectangles or meanders — airbenches are multifunctional and modular, offering endless combination possibilities. Airbenches Small and Large move tortuously in public spaces. You can choose the best combination for your needs and personalize and experiment with the innumerous possibilities the airbench can give you.

On the Airbench Single and Double, people receive glimpes of each other and they can start communicating out of curiousity. People will get interwoven by interaction. Due to the philosophy behind them, Airbenches are the ideal communication tools in public areas; musea, exhibitions, libraries, lounges, airports, waiting areas, among a myriad of possibilities.

Custom colors or sizes are available upon request.


Honeycombs, one of the oldest architectural concepts known, inspired this design of a flexible shelving system. Of course we had to call it HONEYCOMB. The individual units are made from rotation-molded, thin walled polyethylene resulting in an exceptional transparency and rigidity. A straightforward riveting system allows for an efficient and reversible installation with unlimited and flexible compositions.

HONEYCOMB ensures an enhanced structural capacity that allows stacking up to 7 meters in two directions and even allow the removal of units within a built wall to create ‘windows’. So keep your things in place, your peeping neighbors out or your friends in and make your own humming environment…

Custom colors available upon request.


Clive Wilkinson Architects

Clive Wilkinson Architects collaborates with forward-thinking clients to envision, design and build creative communities.

We think of any organization as a distinctive ‘human community’. Through our design process, we strive to connect people, shape relationships and empower organizations to produce new invigorating forms of human community. By working with many of the world’s most creative companies and institutions over the course of twenty years, we have amassed a comprehensive base for the enrichment of future projects. Our strength lies in designing strong architectural frameworks that personify a client’s social, cultural and functional needs, in addition to providing highly sustainable and flexible platforms.  Clive Wilkinson Architects was founded in the experimental microcosm of Los Angeles, California in 1991.

source : Website Clive Wilkinson Architects


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