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Infinity seating solution
Maxxi Museum, Rome, Italy

Infinity seating solution
Maxxi Museum, Rome, Italy

Maxxi supersedes the notion of the musem as ‘object’ or – presenting a field of buildings accessible to all, with no firm boundary between what is ‘within’ and what is ‘without’. Central to this new reality are confluent lines – walls intersecting and separating to create interior and exterior spaces.

Project Details

Client: Maxxi Museum Rome
Date: 2011
Architect: Zaha-Hadid
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A collection of seating elements that can be combined into… wait for it… INFINITY. These pieces are perfect for large public spaces – lounges, lobbies, waiting rooms – or for any spot that will benefit from being divided and subdivided ad infinitum. Those who live in less spacious quarters can stack INFINITY modules to make partition walls. The possibilities are infinite.