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Primary Seating Solution
Decos Technology Group

The aspiration of the software company, Decos Technology Group, a company that operated in the area of bits en bytes, was to have a building that projects the image of its indescribable technology. We found the inspiration for the headquarters in the immediate context: the SpaceBusinessPark in Noordwijk. The office was designed to look like a meteorite that hit earth. The fact that Decos works in a complete paperless environment made it possible to think in an entirely different manner about the current office environment as an inspiring and innovative meeting place.

Project Details

Client: Decos Technology Group
Date: 2011
Architect: Kamerling Vanderbrugh
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Primary Pouf

It’s a stool, a chair, a table and an eye-catcher in its own right. PRIMARY POUF 01, which was honoured with a triple Henri van de Velde Award (Belgium, 2001), is an all-time favourite among grown-ups and children alike. Soft materials and an uncomplicated design idiom are a tried and tested formula for a happy marriage. The sassy character of this comfortable, water-repellent stool with legs has made it a hit worldwide: look for PRIMARY in prestigious public spaces from San Francisco to Tokyo, from Stockholm to Cape Town.

This pouf can be customized in height. Contact us for more details.