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The Agency – Belzberg Architects

The Agency

The Agency’s mission statement serves as the conceptual framework in organizing office culture and use through environmental queues. Shunning typical office typology, where each real-estate agent has their own cubicle and minimal interaction with other agents, the objective of the new space is to foster maximum interactivity by redistributing densities of the typical office layout.

Project Details

The Agency Beverly Hills, California, US
Date  2014

Designed by Wiel Arets

Jellyfish House Chair

A relaxing chair that encourages active use is JELLYFISH, a seat for lounging, for listening to music, for having a bite to eat, for talking with friends. The dynamic JELLYFISH is a modern rocking chair. Owing to the rounded form of the base, the chair moves slightly. It’s a seat that ruffles the feathers, so to speak, but in a positive way.

The standard JELLYFISH HOUSE collection is produced in sturdy rotation moulded PE which is extremely well suited for outdoor use, the same frame is used as the base for an upholstered edition (leather and Divina by Kvadrat®), therefore few of these chairs have the same outward appearance. The colors are UV stable.

the Jellyfish collection is currently under review. Availability of the products can’t be guaranteed

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